Company 235

It's what we do.


The key element to all of our successful projects is rooted in the strength of both our core competencies and our innate ability to adapt. The agility with which we can respond to the particular needs and requirements of your project is the factor which stands us out from the crowd.

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The diverse nature of our deliverables is both unique and exciting. Every project or event that we work on is nurtured in a creative and collaborative environment. Our frameworks for information flow and infrastructure let us help you achieve your goals with maximum efficiency and elegance.

We're very proud of the projects we collaborate on. Look here for highlights of some our favorites.


Who would we be without our amazing clients and their amazing projects and events? People who answer rhetorical questions, that's who!

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As part of our education and outreach programs, here at Company 235 occasionally develope interesting tools and utilities that might be of general use.

Please enjoy this selection of mini-apps!

Open Source

Part of the Company 235 community mission is work within the opensource community. Most of the software that we write at Company 235 is released under Open Source licenses, such as the GNU GPL v3.

Browse our git repository tree and see if you can use or contribute.