E1.54 RGB Mixer

The Direct RGB color swatch shows the uncalibrated RGB with the whitepoint and colourspace native to the display of your web browse (which may be sRGB already). To visualize gamut constraints, set the input whitepoint to the sRGB whitepoint.

The E1.54 gamut is drawn on the CIE 1931 graph as a black triangle. The Circle foci is a representaion of the E1.54 gamut with the sRGB whitepoint.

E1.54 RGB Input w/ variable Whitepoint

The calibrated colour swatch shows the selected RGB, adjusted for the given whitepoint, and transposed to the sRGB colourspace. The sRGB colourspace utilizes the D65 whitepoint, which (as calculated with the Ohno2013 method and the CIE 1931 2° observer) is approximately 6504K +0.003Δuv.

The sRGB gamut is drawn on the CIE 1931 graph as a white triangle.

Direct RGB
CIE 1931 (xy) CIE 1931 xyY

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